BeautyinUS Facial Massager Roller Jade

Sale priceQAR 85


Made with natural jade, the 2 oval shaped rollers of different sizes suit different areas of the face. By rolling your skin, it stimulates blood circulation to improve skin elasticity. It also helps to relax skin muscles to instantly reduce swelling and to contour the face. It brightens dull skin and reduces the appearance of dark circles.

Made in Korea

 How to use:

Use the bigger side on wider areas of the face like the U-zone and apple zone. Use the smaller side on narrower areas of the face like the T-zone and eye area. Roll upwards for the nose and chin, and downwards for the eyes and cheeks. Use either side for the neck and decolletage. Roll downwards for the neck, outwards for the decolletage, and upwards for the chest.

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