Beauty Sensations x Michelle Dy Basics Eye Brush Set

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A complete set of eye makeup brushes. Made with synthetic hair, perfect to pick up a color for the eyes.

Set Inclusion:

1pc Pink Makeup Organizer

1pc Angled Blending Brush

1pc Flat Concealer Brush

1pc Fluffy Blending Brush

1pc Buff & Blend Brush

1pc Bullet Brush

1pc Eyebrow Brush + Spooly

Made in PRC

How to use:

Angled Blending Brush - made to sweep eyeshadow along the socket line to give a soft contour around the eyes.

Flat Concealer Brush - used for applying concealer on the smaller contours of the face.

Fluffy Blending Brush - used to blend and diffuse eyeshadow for a soft-focus look.

Buff & Blend Brush - provides precision that evens out eye makeup.

Bullet Brush - this brush targets the lashline to produce a smokey effect on the eyes. This can also be used to highlight the inner corners of the eye.

Eyebrow Brush + Spooly - The angled brush is used to create a precise definition on the brows while the spooly blends out the product.

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