Luxe Organix Hydrocolloid Acne Patch Day Time 48 patches

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The clear ultra thin sheet blends well with any skin type, making it unrecognizable and easier to be covered by make-up.

Luxe Organix Hydrocolloid Acne Patch Day Time has UV protection which can minimize acne marks caused by hyperpigmentation or darkening of already existing acne scars due to extreme exposure to sunlight.

Helps absorb pus and oil. Helps minimize acne marks. Protects from dust and bacteria. Cruelty free.

Package content:

28pcs x 0.8cm

20pcs x 1.0cm

Made in Korea

How to use:

Wash face with warm water and antibacterial soap. Make sure the skin is properly dried. The patch wont stick well to wet skin. Do no apply any medication before applying the patch. Apply a single patch directly above a blemish and let it sit for 8-12 hours.


Acrylates copolymer, Salicylic acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Melaluca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf oil, Polyurethane Film, Sodium Carboxylmethyl Cellulose, Hot Melt Adhesive.

Disclaimer: Ingredients and packaging are subject to change at Manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients and packaging, please refer to the actual product.

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