GRWM Cosmetics Browlift 9ml

Size: Browlift Maxx
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Sculpt, groom, and laminate your brows with Browlift Maxx & Pro. Featuring a dual-sided wand to help you groom and laminate the brows without any fuss and a formula that will keep your brows in place.

Browlift Maxx - Laminating + Grooming Multiuse gel (9ml laminating + 4ml grooming)

Browlift Pro - Grooming + Laminating Multiuse gel (9ml grooming + 4ml laminating)

Animal test-free. Vegan.

Made in China

How to use:

Ensure that the brows and its surrounding area is dry and free from oil or other products. Apply browlift in the direction of your hair growth. Make sure that all hairs are coated with browlift. Use the grooming brush by doing short upward strokes for lifted and effortless groomed brows. For a more defined look, use the laminate brush to achieve a fan-out feathered look. Once brushed in the direction that you want, press the brow hair with your clean fingertip or the end of any slim makeup brush. Let the browlift fully dry and use an eyebrow pen or pencil to fill in the areas with gaps.

Note: Recommended to apply browlift onto bare skin for better results.

Disclaimer: Ingredients and packaging are subject to change at Manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients and packaging, please refer to the actual product.

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