GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint Multiuse Creamy Tint 9ml

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Multiuse Creamy Milk Tint is a long-lasting and hydrating multiuse cream you can use on your lids, cheeks and lips. It has a velvety matte finish with a little bit of sheen for that extra glow. You may use a brush, makeup sponge or your finger to apply the multi use creamy lips.

Formulated with Grapeseed Oil, Japanese Camellia Seed oil and Panthenol.

Moisturizing. Blendable and buildable. Long-wearing. Animal test-free. Vegan.

Made in China

How to use:

Make sure that hands are clean before application. Apply small dots on your lids, cheeks and lips. You may also apply the product at the back of your hand or on a mixing pan first and use a brush or a makeup sponge to get the product. Apply and blend the product on the lids and cheeks using a brush, a sponge or your fingers. For the lips, use the wand to apply and blend the product. You may also use your fingers to dab and blend the product.

Disclaimer: Ingredients and packaging are subject to change at Manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients and packaging, please refer to the actual product.

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