I Dew Care Bristle Boost Scalp Massager 1pc

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Get rid of stress and fatigue from your scalp all day long with this scalp massager that provides deep cleansing and massages without irritation to the scalp. Suitable for various hair types including long and thick hair, the ergonomic and lightweight design makes it easy to hold and use even when hands are wet and cleanses hard-to-reach areas. Taking a shower with this scalp massager will make your hair and scalp cleaner than ever before.

Made in China

How to use:

Apply product of choice (shampoo, scrub, conditioner, treatment, or oil) all over the scalp and hair. While holding it in your palm, gently press the rubber tips onto the scalp to massage in circular motion. Repeat on all areas of the scalp and give more time to flaky, itchy scalp areas. After the use, rinse the scalp massager and set upside down to dry.

For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, please refer to product packaging.

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